CallAudit Server 6.0

Multi-Line CallerID Solution

CallAudit Server software works with specialized CallerID devices to track CallerID for incoming calls and all local outgoing call traffic.  CallAudit Server works "stand alone," or can become your office's "Calle ID Server," enabling you to use one central device to monitor Call traffic, and distribute this information across your computer network.  The CallAudit Server software is virtual unlimited in its Call information storage capacity. 

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A glance at the main display can quickly show you recent call activity:

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Call Log

lstat.gif (4435 bytes)The optional Line Status Display can show the current state of all telephone lines at a glance:



Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Share Call Notes:

CallAudit Server coordinates Call notes entered by users from workstations running CallAudit Client.  Users can view and modify Call notes entered note.gif (4814 bytes)by other users.  Call notes are viewable and printable in daily, weekly, and monthly reports.  Changes to the the customers name, address, and database details are reflected through the server to each local client on the network.






Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Contact Management

CallAudit includes it's own contact database and gives the user the option of displaying a variety of information for incoming calls.   Any information entered is automatically available for the next time the caller calls.   Both import and export options are provided to handle interfaces with other existing database systems. Complete printing support is provided for all displays.

 dbdetail.gif (13388 bytes)

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Advanced "Call Routing" Features:

CallAudit Server can Route Caller ID information to key workstations based on a variety of criteria:

route1.gif (9359 bytes)











Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Pop-Up Displays

When a call occurs, CallAudit displays the incoming number and name of the caller on the computer display in a variety of formats.   Our "small popup" option allows you to see who is calling, while not interfering with your work flow:

smlpop.gif (2771 bytes)

For more Call Control, the "Popup Summary" allows you to answer the call via your speaker phone modem, with options place the caller on hold, hang up, or "flash hook" to activate special functions. sumpop.gif (4103 bytes)Also shown are Name, Company, and Location of the caller.  A variety of other pop-up displays are available.

It also includes sound support to announce the calling number, and optionally your own recorded message or sound to further identify the caller.



Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Additional features include:

  • All Features Available in CallAudit Client.  Functions as a Client when used "Stand Alone"
  • Link to third Party programs such as ACT and Microsoft Access via DDE
  • Block unwanted callers, (supported hardware only)
  • Announce the call using your computer sound card and speakers
  • Provide a call history of the time/dates of the most recent calls from the same party
  • Provide a scrolling log of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Provide a notepad area for each telephone number
  • Return a call with a click of a button using your Speaker Phone modem
  • Complete Alphanumeric and Numeric Paging support
  • Support for two 2 telephone lines
  • Option to have all calls appears in Microsoft Exchange or other MAPI mail system
  • Option to update software product via the Internet
  • Generate reports on your incoming and outgoing calls

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