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MSI software products include a variety of CallerID, voice mail, and desktop utilities:

CallAudit CallerID application including support for screen pops, email and paging, and links to other third party software based using incoming call data.  Supports 1 or 2 telephone lines.
CallAudit Voice Voice Mail application which includes all CallerID features plus a variety of voice mail options and capabilities.   Supports 1 or 2 telephone lines.
CallAudit Server CallerID application that supports 2-128 telephone lines.  Also supports client/server options on a LAN
CallAudit Voice Pro Voice Mail application that supports 4-24 telephone lines.  Also supports client/server options on a LAN
MyDesktop Desktop application that manages the positions of your desktop icons.
Atomic Clock Simple application to keep your PC clock accurate.
X10Net X10 application that provides a variety of X10 options and features and also is network capable.
MSI TrayManager Simple application to manage all Windows applications directly from the system tray.
QuickCallerID Simple low-cost CallerID application.
QuickCallerID + Voice Simple low-cost CallerID + Voice Mail application.
EzFax Simple low cost fax application.

Home Users will find that CallAudit Voice, CallAudit, or EzFax are ideal products for managing one or two phone lines.   Why not download the fully functional 30 day demo today?  All the telephony power you need is just one download away!   All Versions of CallAudit have built in paging support and E-Mail support for call notifications.

Business Users will find that CallAudit Server and CallAudit Voice Pro have all the power they need for 4 or more phone lines.  Our new "Virtual Switch" Enhancement can equip your office with a Virtual Phone Switch at a fraction of the cost of a normal PBX.

Desktop Users can check out out Atomic Clock , MyDesktop,  MSI TrayManager, QuickCallerID, or our X10Net products.

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