CallAudit Voice 6.0

State of the Art Caller ID, FAX, Paging and Voice Mail Software

CallAudit Voice combines the Caller ID features of CallAudit plus an array of new voice mail features.  Our Voice Mail software integrates tightly with Caller-ID, FAX and Paging to give you a complete Computer Telephony solution.  Use your computer as an Answering Machine, FAX machine, Alphanumeric Pager, Speaker Phone, and CallerID identifier.  CallAudit Voice is uses the latest TAPI technology, to offer support for a broad range of Voice devices.

CallAudit Voice features include:

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Custom greeting messages for each specific caller

You can have a separate greeting message play for each caller using Caller ID. This allows the user to establish different greeting message for specific callers. Callers without a custom greeting would hear the standard greeting message.  This is a great way to leave messages that are intended for friends or family only!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Separate greeting message for blocked calls

The program can play a special greeting message for calls that are to be blocked. The caller might hear a message like "Calls from this telephone number are not being accepted, please do not call back". The call would then be ended by hanging up on the unwanted caller.  This option can be used to block calls from an entire area code, or city prefix!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Send calls from selected callers directly to voice mail

The program can send calls from specific callers directly to voice mail. This allows the user to avoid having to answer callers they do not wish to speak to, but still retaining the option for a custom greeting message for the caller and the opportunity for the caller to leave a message.  You can also have all callers, except ones specially marked, go directly to Voice Mail.  This allows for greater privacy as you can only answer the calls you wish!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Multiple screen pop options

Choose from simple displays showing caller information or complete information display showing all existing caller details.
  • Single line display
  • Default display (shown at right)
  • LCD style display
  • Database details display
  • Picture display
  • Call history display

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Call screening capability

If your voice hardware supports it, the program can use the PC speaker to allow you to screen incoming calls as they occur. You can listen as the greeting message is played, the caller selects options, and begins to record their message. If the caller is someone you want to talk to, you can break into the call and answer the call manually.  Many Voice modems have a speaker out jack, that can also be used to screen your calls. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Single or multiple voice mailbox operation

The program offers both single mailbox and multiple mailbox use options.

In single mailbox use, a single mailbox collects all caller messages. The caller hears a greeting message, optional instructions, and then leaves a message.

In multiple mailbox use, multiple mailboxes collect incoming messages. The caller hears an initial greeting message that identifies the available mailboxes (for example "Press 1 for David, 2 for Jim, or 3 for Laurie", where David, Jim, and Laurie are separate people who want to keep their messages separate.

After the caller selects a mailbox, a second greeting message for that mailbox is played (for example, "Hi, this is David and I'm not available right now, leave me a message and I'll get back to you"). The caller then leaves David a message.

The remote retrieval option can be used by each mailbox owner to retrieve only their messages. the PC display also shows the mailbox selected for each call.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Remote message retrieval

The user can retrieve their messages remotely. The user calls in remotely and presses the # key during the greeting message. The software then prompts for the password. The user enters the correct password and then can listen to any recorded messages from callers.

The software uses a voice based system for each caller message. The user can have the following information played for each message:

  • Date and time
  • Caller telephone number
  • Caller message

The user can scroll through each message and listen. Messages can be replayed multiple times.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Support for Music On Hold Processing

The software supports a variety of options for music on hold.  Click here for more details.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Support for two 2 telephone lines

The software can accommodate two separate telephone lines. Using two lines requires either two separate voice modems or a two line voice device such as a Dialogic Voice card.

Messages for the lines are separated in the call display. The program offers a variety of options that are tailorable by telephone line number.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Support for Distinctive Ring

Distinctive Ring is a service offered by many telephone companies that allows you to have "virtual" telephone lines.  This allows you to have two or more phone numbers for the same phone line.  When calls come to these "virtual" numbers, they have a slightly different ring pattern. CallAudit Voice 4.0 can have different answer options and greeting messages set for each distinctive ring line.  This allows a small business or home users to get more use out of their existing phone lines, with out the need of purchasing additional lines.

distinctive.jpg (27663 bytes)

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to have all calls appears in Microsoft Exchange or other MAPI mail system

Have your Calls Appear in your Universal Inbox complete with the Caller ID and the Voice message attached!  CallAudit can post to your Exchange Inbox, giving you central point to review your calls and messages.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Unlimited voice mailboxes

Don't be restricted by limiting Voice Mail software.  CallAudit Voice allows you to maintain hundreds of independent Mailboxes.  Mailboxes can be accessed using any number of digits.  Each mailbox can have separate greeting and options.  Paging can be configured per mailbox.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Programmable mailbox actions and Fax-on-Demand

Allow users to navigate through an array of Voicemail choices.  Fax-On-Demand can be achieved for several mailboxes..  CallAudit Voice allows you to maintain hundreds of independent Mailboxes.  Make your modem behave like a full featured PBX. 

voicepref.gif (64504 bytes)

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Call log option to shows calls by mailbox name

The main display quickly shows you which mailbox a message was left in, allowing you to quickly retrieve your messages.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Toll saver feature

This feature can save you from making unnecessary long distance calls when checking for new messages remotely.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option for call blocking without the entry of a valid caller access code

Allow access to your Voice Mail for key callers with a special access code. 

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Voice Broadcasting

CallAudit Voice can dial a list of numbers providing and play a message to each caller.   Further, CallAudit Voice can collect a response from that caller!  For example:

A local high school generates a phone list based on the absentees for the day.   CallAudit Voice dials each number in the list and plays a message to the person answering the phone.  The message could be, "Hello this is the school calling.   Your child did not show up for school today.  If you were aware of their absence please press 1 otherwise press two."

After all the numbers have been dialed, a list of students likely playing hooky could be generated!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to record incoming calls

With a click of the mouse, record your important conversations to your hard drive!   You can configure the software to  record all incoming calls automatically.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to send answered calls directly to voice mail

This option can be used when the Caller needs to leave a message in voice mail, after you have answered the call.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to record voice memos about each call

Not only can you take notes about your calls, you can also record a Voice memo!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Speaker Phone capabilities

CallAudit supports hands free phone conversations!  With the right type of modem, answer and place calls using your speakerphone modem.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Import/export of WAV files, including drag and drop

No more limiting "funny" sound file format.  CallAudit Voice supports the .WAV standard.  Making your greeting messages could not be easier.  Save your important messages in WAV format.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Voice announce based message retrieval system

No more arcane instructions for remote retrieval of your message.  You get a no nonsense user friendly voice prompt for all remote retrieval functions.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to append additional audio data to any existing voice message or voice memo

No need to record your whole greeting over again, when simply adding a few words to the end works best!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Capability to tailor all system voice messages to user recorded versions

Don't like our prompts?  Just change it!  All aspects of the Voice Mail software are user customizable.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Fax detection and automatic handoff to user selected fax receive software

Use CallAudit in conjunction with Microsoft Fax to receive faxes on the same phone line!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to forward received voice messages via E-Mail

CallAudit Voice can place message in your outbox with your Voice mail attached as a have file!  A good way to have messages sent from home to the office.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to forward voice messages to a separate telephone number

As soon as someone leaves a message, why not have CallAudit dial your Cell Phone and play you the message?

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to send alphanumeric/number pages based on incoming voice messages

Lets see, my pager says Joe Smith at (555) 555-1234 from Somewhere, VA  just called on Line 1, listened to the voice mail advertisement for that House on Elm Street for 3 minutes.  Maybe I should call him back and see if he wants to see the house today?

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Option to update software product via the Internet

Yes, we just added that feature last week.  No, you don't have to wait for new disks, just use the automatic update option!

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Supports all TAPI compliant voice boards including MODEMS and specialized cards such as Dialogic

TAPI is the wave of the future.  Don't be caught on a old 16 bit run-of-the-mill applications.

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Integrated Phone Book

Our integrated phone book allows you to keep important contact information on had for key callers.

Database Details Screen Shot

Red Ball.gif (916 bytes)Contact manger type database fields

You can now have a store a wealth of information about your contacts.  Each field can be labeled according to your desire.

userflds.gif (34881 bytes)

Download the CallAudit Voice demo today for a free 30 day trail of this exciting software package!

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