CallAudit Voice Pro 6.0

CallAudit Voice Pro is an extended version of CallAudit Voice that can support 4 or more separate telephone lines and offer new "Virtual Switch" capabilities.  These new "Virtual Switch" features turn CallAudit Voice Pro into a Telephone Server for your office.  

When combined with a multiple line Voice card or up to 4 Voice Modems and the CallAudit Voice Client, the following features become available:

CAV Pro includes all the features of CallAudit Voice plus:

  • Answer all incoming calls on all lines
  • Different answer options and features for each telephone line
  • Different answer options and features for each distinctive ring line
  • Offers unlimited mailboxes
  • Route incoming calls to specific PCs based on caller touch tone selection
  • Accepts voice messages on all lines
  • Handle fax calls
  • Tracks all your incoming calls by time/date and name/number
  • Tracks all your outgoing calls by time/date and name/number
  • Route received voice/fax messages directly to networked PCs, running CallAudit Voice in Client Mode.
  • Route received voice/fax messages to E-Mail Inbox folders
  • Route received voice messages directly to your cell phone.
  • Time scheduling offers different options based on time/date to support off-hours processing
  • Manual options allows specific incoming/outgoing calls or Automatic Voice Recording every incoming call and outgoing call
  • Direct Calls in Progress to Voice Mail
  • Music on hold options via a series of standard WAV files.
  • Hunt group options to route calls to a series of PC locations
  • Alphanumeric paging support for both incoming and outgoing calls; Automatic Paging; Paging Command
  • Record all telephone calls (additional hardware required)

Call (276) 676-2093 for a live limited demonstration, to see a small sample of what is possible using this new hardware/software combination.

Additional Information Available by Clicking here.

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