Atomic Clock


Atomic Clock is a freeware program from Mountain Systems.  Atomic Clock sets the clock in your PC based on the atomic clock at the National Bureau of Standards. The software uses your PC Internet connection to get the atomic clock time.

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Atomic Clock is a 32-bit software application that runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Atomic Clock is not compatible with Windows 3.X.  To download the latest software update for Atomic Clock, click here.

The program includes 3 options:

1. Set your PC clock each time you connect to the Internet

2. Run automatically when your PC boots

3. Run as an icon in the system tray

When your PC boots, Atomic Clock starts as an icon in the system tray (the small area usually at the right bottom or your Windows 95/98/NT display). It waits there until your PC connects to the Internet.

When you establish a connection to the Internet, Atomic Clock then access the time data from the National Bureau of Standards atomic clock in Boulder Colorado. If option 1 is selected, then your PC clock will be automatically reset to the correct time from the National Bureau of Standards.

Atomic Clock can also track sunrise and sunset times for your location.  By selecting a nearby city, or manually entering the latitude/longitude for your location, the daily sunrise/sunset times can also be displayed.

Download the Atomic Clock demo today for a free 30 day trail of this exciting software package!

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