MyDesktop is a shareware program from Mountain Systems to save and restore Windows Desktop icon positions.  MyDesktop is compatible with all versions of Windows including 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.

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Most PC users carefully place icons on their desktop in specific positions. From time to time, perhaps due to a PC crash or other action, the icon locations become displaced. Any time your PC boots into Safe Mode, the icons are displaced and all placed at the upper left area of the desktop. MyDesktop provides a simple way to restore these icon positions from a saved position.

MyDesktop can save your icon locations for each display resolution you use. You may have one set of positions when a 800x600 display resolution is used and a separate set of positions when 1024x768 is used. MyDesktop saves the icon positions for each resolution separately

The shareware registration price for MyDesktop is $5.00.  The program can be registered from directly within the program.  See the MyDesktop help file for further details.

Download the MyDesktop demo today for a free 30 day trail of this exciting software package!

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Note: The MyDesktop electronic purchase utility does not work correctly on some user PC systems.  If you are having this problem, click here to download a MyDesktop patch to make the electronic purchase utility work correctly on your version of windows.


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