MSI QuickCallerID is a simple application to show CallerID data for incoming telephone calls.    There is also an expanded version, QuickCallerID + Voice that provides simple voice mail support.

This is a simple single line CallerID application that can use the CallerID capable modem in your PC to show and report incoming call information.

When an incoming call occurs a new line is added to the call log display and an optional popup display is produced.

The caller name and number information can be announced using Text-to-Speech.  Caller location can also be displayed by searching an internal area code database for matching city, state, and zip code information based on the caller telephone number.

QuickCallerID can:

  • Show CallerID information for incoming calls

  • Display a small popup for each call

  • Use Text-To-Speech to announce the CallerID for each call

  • Send an E-Mail notification for each call that includes the CallerID data

  • Display the PhoneBook of all numbers that have called to date

Click here to download the help file for MSI QuickCallerID.

Click here to download a 30 day trial version of MSI QuickCallerID .  You can purchase MSI QuickCallerID for $10.00

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