QuickCallerID + Voice


 QuickCallerID is the newest product from MSI.  The basic version offers basic CallerID for your desktop in a simple and low cost fashion.  An expanded version is now also available to offer basic voice mail options in addition to the existing CallerID options.

MSI is looking for a set of Beta testers who would be willing to test the current voice-mail capable product.  You would install the product and see how it works.  Any issues or problems you find, you report to MSI via E-Mail.  For testing, you get a free copy of the product.

Click here to download the current version of QuickCallerID+Voice.

Screen Shot

QuickCallerID + Voice handles a single telephone line and offers voice mail options using a voice capable modem in your PC.  The product supports:

  • Windows 98 through Windows Vista

  • Most voice capable modems

  • Greeting message via either Text-To-Speech or recorded using your PC and microphone

  • Single or multiple mailbox modes

  • Telemarketer answer options to avoid those bothersome calls

  • Voice message playback over your PC speakers

  • Voice message forwarding to your cell phone

  • Voice message forwarding using your Internet connection and E-Mail

  • Remote message retrieval, which is password controlled

  • PC clock synchronization via Atomic Clock

  • Automatic software updates via Internet

  • Screen pop to announce new incoming calls

  • Scripting capabilities for expanded multiple mailbox support

  • Voice announce, using Text-To-Speech, to announce the caller name and number using your PC speakers

Additional Screen Shots


Click here to download the current version of QuickCallerID+Voice.  You can purchase QuickCallerID+Voice for $19.95.

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